10 Things to do in Pai

Pai is a very small unique hippy town in northern Thailand, northwest of Chiang Mai. It’s so weird because we nearly didn’t travel here and now I am so glad we did because it has been our favourite place in Thailand! Even though it’s small, it has a lot to offer and the atmosphere is incredible!

1. There is one long main street in Pai, across from the bus station theres a place called Pai Expert. They have the most brilliant full and half day tours, wonderful staff and its a fun way to meet new people! We booked most of our trips there, such as visiting the Lod Cave where we spent an hour and a half trecking through the most breathtaking cave walking also on bamboo rafts! The scenery is unreal and definitely a must in Pai!


2. Hot Springs! Get there early in the morning and you can enjoy hearing nothing but nature, blissful!


3. Waterfalls! Rainy or sunny weather, you can take full advantage! There is a big variety of waterfalls in Pai, take your pick and enjoy!


4. The White Buddha! I’d suggest going during sunrise or sunset, you can overlook the whole of Pai, and it’s not full of tourists! (but be ready to climb a LOT of steps!)



5. Sunset Cafe! We found and stopped off at this place whilst trecking up to visit The White Buddha, outstanding view! Lovely place to have a drink and something nice to eat, especially at sunset!


6. Beach Club Pai Waterpark! This was so much fun when it’s sunny and you want a day to relax!


7. Night Market! It’s definitely not hard to miss the night market, there’s only one main street in Pai and it’s there! The yummiest food, and such a fun atmosphere! Treat yo’self!


8. The Nightlife! This little town is so much fun to have a good drink! Visit all the unique bars with live music on the main street of Pai and then end the night at the Don’t Cry Bar, the last place that is open! Get yourself coloured in neon paint, wear hippie attire and buy a Chang beer.


9. Renting a scooter! Practice before doing so, but Pai is probably the most funnest and safest place to drive about on a scooter! You see the most beautiful scenery on wide open roads!


10. Thai Massage! Best way to end any day! I think we had one maybe every night, as we wanted to try every massage…but just go for a full body oil massage! Unless you like it rough..


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