A day in Bangkok

Bangkok is a truly beautiful city full of vibrant colours, temples and street life. There is so much to see and do, we never had a dull moment! We met so many amazing and down to earth backpackers but unfortunately only had a day to spend in Bangkok, as they had so many other places to visit in such a small amount of time. So I took it upon myself to make a small guide for those who are in this big city just for the day.

  • First of all you need somewhere to stay for the night! If you want to do the backpacking way and find a hostel when you arrive, that’s great! But if you’re wanting to get away from the backpack life for just a night, I would defintly recommend The Park Plaza. The staff are extremely lovely and very helpful, It has a rooftop pool and bar, jacuzzi, sun lounges, gym and a stunning view. Our room was spacious, it had a queen sized comfy bed, a flatscreen TV and quite a big bathroom with an amazing overhead shower. The food is quite pricey considering it wasn’t great quality, there’s also not a lot of vegetarian or vegan options; but overall it’s a beautiful place to relax after a long day and to get a good night sleep. It’s also in a great location within the city.


  •  After you’ve settled, I’d suggest either going to any tuk tuk driver and asking them to take you to a canal tour, a lot of them get money for taking you to tourist destinations so they will know where to go. You can either pre-pay the tour on Trip Advisor, or try and barter and most likely get it cheaper in person. We payed 1,000 baht (£23) and you get a hour and a half canal tour and see how the locals live, temples and views you wouldn’t be able to see with any other mode of transport. It’s an eye opener and really beautiful.


  •  I would then suggest the floating markets, extremely breathtaking and it’s something that shouldn’t be missed! Look into how the locals earn money, buy some stunning handmade jewellery, fresh fruit or just enjoy the view!


  • You can’t come Thailand and not at least try some Muay Thai! Beginner, experienced or just for fun! Don’t just experience it in any gym, why not experience it in one of the most renowned thai boxing gym’s in the world…Yokkao Training Centre. Where one of the greatest muay thai fighters to ever live trains, Saenchai. You can pay to do private 1-1 session which lasts for an hour, with Saenchai himself or his trainer Kru Manop. To see many more options and to book we visited the Yokkao website. It cost us 2,000 baht (£26) to train with Kru Manop, it was worth every penny. It had such a very welcoming environment and you learn so much in such little time!


Time to relax, walk around the streets on Bangkok, check out the indoor market! Get some cheap but amazing street food! Also, take a look into Terminal 21, it’s a 9 stories shopping mall, the concept is market streets of the world all on different floors!


  • After such an eventful day already, I’d definitely suggest taking Bangkok’s subway, the MRT. It’s a two way system and easy to use! It’s connected and just outside Terminal 21, it’s a really cheap way to get around, it was no more than 100 baht for two people (£2.33) We visited Lumpini park, the scenery is beautiful. It is a really lovely place to have a picnic, go on the boats, feed the fish! You witness a lot of tortoise, lizards and other animals whilst being there, it really is worth the visit! When visiting Lumpini Park, do not get off at Lumpini Station. Exit at Silom Station!


You’re now probably exhausted from the busy day you’ve just had! If not I’d suggest checking out some temples such as, Wat Arun and Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen. Also, If you’re up for it, venture out into the Bangkok’s crazy nightlife, but if you’re done for the day get yourself a nice Thai massage and be ready for your next adventure!




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