What to pack when travelling/backpacking


So you have booked your flights and ready to pack, but what do you take?

We will be giving you a guide of what to and what not to take on your travels, tailored to where you’re travelling to.

1. Clothing

Research the various temperatures and climates you will encounter on your journey. If you’re only going to hot countries, pack 3 light outfits, 1 pair of comfy shoes and 1 pair of sandals (If you’re going to encounter monsoon weather, don’t worry as you can buy cheap disposable raincoats out there, still really humid). I can’t emphasise enough about packing light. We thought we packed light when we came, we didn’t wear half of the clothing we anticipated and ended up sending it home in the mail which ended up costing a hefty fee. If you’re encountering cold weather on your travels, follow the same principle, aim to pack light. Remember there will be loads of laundrette’s and 90% of them are relatively cheap, so don’t worry about a change of outfit.

2. Technology

First of all make sure you have the right adapter for the places you are travelling! You can buy these in almost any big supermarket, if not Amazon. It is your personal choice whether to take a phone or not, for us it was good decision. If you’re planning on working abroad you will need one anyway to be contacted by employers but not only that, almost every hotel and hostel has wifi and that will be the best way to get in touch with family and friends and also to share pictures of your adventures through social media. Camera, once again it is your personal choice, if you have a good camera on your phone just use that, but if you’re like me and addicted to capturing moments and into photography or want to create your own blog on your travels, it is definitely worth taking a camera. We took the Canon 70D. The other suggestion is a GO PRO, not only is it really small and very ideal for travellers but you can take pictures, video and use underwater. Yes, you may be thinking ‘expensive!’ but there are substitutes. We were on a budget and got the APEMAN action camera, this does the same jobs and we’ve not had any problems with it so far! We also took our macbook pro, this added weight to our backpack but was so we could write along the way and upload photos from our camera’s, but If you’re thinking the same I’d suggest maybe a tablet, a lot smaller and lighter. Next are your chargers/cables for everything. Make sure you have your headphones if you’re taking any electronic’s, It honestly helps pass time on them really long bus/train and plane journeys. Also, we bought waterproof cases for all of our electronics, even though we are in hot countries; monsoon season means very heavy rain. You can buy these from most places; the cheapest place we found was Amazon!

3. Essentials

Once again, it’s all depending where you are travelling to. It cannot be stressed enough, anything you may need or want you can buy over there, don’t over pack. So pack the essentials, such as any medication which you are prescribed stock up or research to see if it is accessible to get over there. The only type of medication we brought was a pack of paracetamol/sleeping tablets. Anything else you may need, just buy when over there and when it is needed. If you’re going to a hot country, pack a small bottle of sunscreen and insect/mosquito repellent. Take a small deodorant, there’s no need to over pack with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. 99% of the time the hostel/hotel will provide them, but if not you can always buy them when you arrive. The reason I stress to buy it where you are travelling is because if you’re backpacking and have not paid to have luggage and you’ve classed it as hand luggage, take into account you have a 100ml limit on each bottle of liquids and they all have to fit in a transparent re-sealable bag, otherwise they will throw it away! Not only that, but if you are planning a trip to South East Asia, everything is a lot cheaper over here. Also, with regards to makeup, I was so convinced I would be wearing it every day, turns out I’d only use it once a week because of how hot it is where we are travelling. So when I say keep it to a minimum, I really mean it.

4. Documentation

For this, I got a thin blue transparent folder so everything was in one place. The documents you may need is your flight order printed off, your travel insurance, any certificate proof of your educational background from college or university (Only vital if you’re wanting to work abroad). Also, you will need the appropriate documents for any medication you have (for the airport in case you need to go over 100ml liquid limit) and your passports. Also, take a little purse or wallet to put in this blue folder. Your debit or travel card, which ever you have decided to put your funds on. If you’re unsure how or what travel card to use I explain in a previous post which we found best and used. We also took our provisional license in case of any needed proof and we didn’t want to use our passport. Also, take some start-up money for airports and for when you land so you don’t get charged at the ATM straight away.


If you want to know which backpack we used, you can always go on my previous post, Planning Your Trip To SouthEast Asia.


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